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Improving College Aid in the United States

by Sophie Herron, on Oct 8, 2014 7:00:00 PM

This morning, New York Times economics expert Eduardo Porter tackled the slow growth of college attendance in the US in “Why Aid for College Is Missing the Mark." He points out that especially among low-income students, the United States is falling behind countries it led only 20 years ago. Porter states that while the US government has a robust program of student aid, that aid is mis-allotted. 25% goes to for-profit colleges, who often hike up their tuition prices in response, effectively erasing any financial benefit to the student.  He suggests lawmakers look to Great Britain as a model of a higher-education program that provides wide-ranging access.

We applaud Porter for furthering the discussion about college access in the United States. We also touched on this issue last fall in Carol's article in Reuters, “How Can we Expand College Access to Low Income Students?

What are your suggestions for improvement in college access? 

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