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On paper, most college applicants look the same. 

Admissions officers want to know, "How will you make a difference in our community?” “Why should I believe in you?"

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Student stories

Sarah Sutto-Plunz

Smith College, 1010 Data

New York City, 9 p.m. Friends are laughing in the next room squeezed around the dinner table, as I try to whip something up. I put the water to boil, adding salt. As I wait, the steam begins to twist, to twirl, filling up the kitchen. I pause to wipe the sweat from my brow.

At eight o’clock in the morning my shirt is already moist. Sweat rolls down my face, every inch of my body. A typical morning in Perugia.

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Abdullah Al-Obaidi 

Emory University

“Stay away from the windows!” my first-grade teacher shouted as the school quivered from the first explosion. Darkness engulfed the sky. Moments later, the windows shattered into a million crystal-like shards. I was the target.

The life of an Iraqi refugee family is hard, but the grueling challenges I faced have been my teachers. I have learned to make friends quickly and to find opportunities to grow. I had two options: to interrogate the universe about why I was put in such situations, or adjust accordingly and aspire to greatness.

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Joel Burt-Miller

Brandeis University, Fulbright Scholar, Duke University

I want to be a light in the darkness; someone who stands out against the “norm”. I want to be the difference maker, who stands up for change. I understand that change takes one step at a time, but it’s up to everyone to make a first step of his own.

My older brother, Shane did, which showed me that I could too.

I remember on one dark winter day, Shane had been attacked by a rival gang. 

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