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Tell the stories only you can tell to get where you need to go
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Story2 has helped more than 200,000 students
complete their college essays.
90% were admitted to one or more of their top three college choices.
Many students have similar grades, test scores, and activities.
Essays reveal the experiences that define who you are.
Great essays reveal your character
through stories of what you have done.
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They combine:
  • Unique perspective
  • Strong writing
  • Authentic voice
StoryBuilder helps you complete essays that work.
  • FIND moments of growth and change
  • SHAPE your essay using the science of storytelling
  • TELL your story out loud to unlock the power of your spoken voice
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You will:
  • FIND moments of growth and change
  • SHAPE your essay with the scientifically proven structure of storytelling
  • TELL your story out loud to unlock the power of your spoken voice
All admission packages include:
The award-winning StoryBuilder writing app
StoryBuilder App
Courses for each type of college essay
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Live online writing bootcamps to get your essays done
Live Online Bootcamp
Written feedback and coaching to finish essays in your own voice.
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Launch, plan, and grow your career with storytelling.

No matter where you are in your career, stories help you match your
Specific career
99% of Story2 students say, “I learned skills I can put to use immediately.”
HirePower™ teaches you how to
Build a portfolio
of career stories
Match them to
specific opportunities
Reveal your fit
Ready to pitch your big idea?
Story2 helps founders, CEOs, and business and community leaders tell their companies’ stories to customers, employees, investors, and the world.
Successful Career

“I brought Story2 in to invigorate my sales team and improve the team’s communication through storytelling. Story2 was absolutely transformational. My team began to think about their business differently, send emails that were more passionate. The next year was a record year, and I would attribute an enormous amount of that change to the techniques Story2 taught my team.”

Lori Burgess
publisher, Prevention magazine

Contact getstarted@story2.com to discuss individual and group coaching solutions for business and community leaders.
Schools, businesses, and non-profits we’ve helped tap into the power of storytelling
NYC Department of Education
Rutgers Preparatory School
Heckscher Foundation for Children
District of Columbia Public Schools
Roanoke College
Yungu School
Student Leadership Network

“My college counselor said college admissions all came down to my essays. Story2 helped me come up with the idea for my essay. I wrote about a normal day when I took a chance and learned a big lesson. I got into Cornell Engineering and then used the Story2 method to get amazing summer internships.”

Kenny Lee
Bronx High School of Science
Cornell university

“Story2 helped my son reveal aspects of himself he had never shared before! His admissions officer from Yale commented in a handwritten note about the quality of his essays.”

Mother of NYC selective HS senior
Admitted early to Yale ‘18

“I really didn’t know where to start. Story2 gave me the tools and confidence to write multiple essay drafts and supplements as well as scholarship essays, and helped me reach my top choice colleges with scholarships.”

Northwestern University ‘19