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Why storytelling?

When you tell a well-structured story,
three things happen for your audience:


Memories of similar experiences.

Emotional Connection

An emotional connection with you.

Desire to Act

The desire to act on your behalf.

This “mental mirroring” between your story and your listener’s memories helps your audience trust you and want to know you better.

Communicate confidently

Telling stories with the Story2 Moments Method® measurably improves your speaking and writing. 95% of our users say “Yes! Story2 improved my writing and speaking confidence.”

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Get where you want to go

Conquer college admissions. Win selective scholarships. Nail that crucial interview! Story2 empowers you to realize your boldest dreams with more focus and less stress.

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Leave your mark

Make authentic personal connections and move the hearts and minds of any audience by learning how to communicate your story with the Moments Method®.

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Discover the Story2 method

Over 100K people have mastered our storytelling technique to unleash their boldest dreams and go places.


Learn the Moments Method in three easy steps with StoryBuilder online.

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Happy storytellers

We’re proud to work with diverse schools, businesses and community organizations to expand college access. Here are a few of them:


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Story2 moves people to freely unleash their core, their heart, their passion. You make me want to share my story—riddled with pain, joy, regret, heartbreak, strength—in a way I have never done.

Vincena M. Allen, MSW | Chief College Success Officer | The SEED Foundation

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