On paper most students and job applicants look the same. Why should anyone pick you out of a crowd? What do you stand for, and why should I believe in you? Bring those intangibles to life, and you’ll be the #1 pick for the colleges, internships, jobs and opportunities you deserve.

Use the Moments Method®—a simple, neuroscience-based communications system—to build a portfolio of stories that differentiates you from the crowd. No clichés, no generalizations, no bumph. You’ve got it, so flaunt it.

Students and job seekers say:

  • 95% improved their writing and speaking confidence
  • 80% improved their writing against national standards
  • 93% college seekers were admitted to one or more of their top choice colleges; 83% with scholarships
  • “My guidance counselor told me I needed a great essay to stand out from the crowd. I got into Cornell, and then used the same tools to win a coveted internship at Google.”
  • “I wanted to talk about experiences that were very personal to me and my family, without sounding sentimental or like everyone else. It worked for the Posse Foundation, Brandeis, a Fulbright and Duke.”


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