People are your biggest expense and biggest success multiplier. Anything that causes people to underperform sucks energy and money out of your business. Communication is not taught through school or current training options. Companies are leaking $400 billion a year on poor communication. Is this you? We can help you plug the leak.

Use the Moments Method®—a simple, neuroscience-based communications system—to break through years of wasted training and get your people moving with purpose in a shared direction.

Our customers say:

  • 98% of corporate training customers say they would recommend Story2 to their friends and colleagues
  • Story2 improved my speaking, writing and collaboration (92%)
  • I thought I was coming to [the Story2 workshop to] impart my knowledge to the students, but I learned a lot in this workshop--from the students and from the process of listening to their stories and sharing my own.

    (Head of Global Human Resources, UBS)

  • “You completely changed the way I think about how I bring my purpose to work every day. I learned to ask for what I want, and now I get it.”

  • “We used Story2 to shift our marketing story, build an online brand and connect our salespeople with our customers through their own stories.” (Prevention)


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