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Through DailyStory, you will have access to a daily prompt to inspire your own stories. Daily writing, just like air and water, is good for you and helps nourish your soul! In fact, it’s been shown to decrease anxiety, depression, and help people develop more positive thinking! As human interaction and community has been forcibly thrust into the virtual world, DailyStory provides a safe space for people to reflect, communicate and relate to one another.

Community Courses

Our first community course has been created in partnership with Project Helping, which aims to give “everyone an opportunity to improve their mental wellness every day.” In this course, "Telling Y[our] Story, you'll learn how to empower yourself through storytelling, using the five tools of the Story2 the Moments Method® to find and shape stories about your mental health.

According to Project Helping Founder & CEO Justin Kruger:

“Telling authentic stories about neurodiversity and helping others through volunteer work are paths to healing that are key to the Project Helping mission. Story2 was instrumental in helping Project Helping expand our storytelling culture online and in the world. Together, we are creating a diverse, virtual community that fosters storytelling, emotional wellness, and kindness."

We will be adding more Community Courses so stay tuned!

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