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You Have Your Test Scores. Now Use Storytelling to Conquer Your College Essay

by Story2, on Jul 11, 2016 5:00:00 AM


In today’s admission landscape, test scores are important. But they are only one of many factors colleges consider when reviewing your application. Colleges are looking for flesh and blood students--not just grades and test scores--and personal essays, ones based on authentic stories, show college admission officers your unique character based on specific moments when you’ve learned, changed and made a difference.

If you plan on applying to college this year now is the time to start telling and curating your own unique stories. The time you put in now, documenting your experiences and sharing the moments that define you will pay off big time when it’s time to submit applications. 

Kaplan, the leaders in test prep and Story2, the leaders in essay prep, recently hosted a Facebook Livestream on the role of storytelling for students applying to college. Watch the Facebook Live event: 

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