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Thanksgiving Memories - Hide And Seek

by Jocelyn Johnson, on Nov 28, 2014 3:00:00 PM

“3...2...1… Okay, here I come!” I call out and uncover my eyes. I scan the living room. And after about five seconds, I see a shadow of five small fingers directly behind the couch. I start walking slowly in that direction. “Evan, I’m going to find you!” I say in a sing-song voice as the floor creaks beneath my feet. Just as I reach the couch prepared to say “gotcha!”, my little cousin screams, giggles, and darts out from behind it. And, a simple game of hide-and-seek evolves into a drawn out game of capture the cousin.

Ten minutes and several laps around the house later, I finally caught him. “Gotcha!” I laughed as I lifted him into the air. At three years-old, he’s not as light as he used to be, but I know that this time next year I might not be able to pick him up anymore. So we spin around a few times before I return him to the ground. “Let’s play again,” he pleads.

I love my family. But, I have to admit, when my mom first told me my younger cousins would be joining us for Thanksgiving, I was less than excited. I would have to sacrifice the things that I have come to appreciate about home since I moved to New York City-- controlling the remote to the family room TV, enjoying the peace and quiet of our suburban neighborhood, and having my own private bedroom and bathroom.

But, as I look into the bright brown eyes of my little cousin, my face automatically breaks into a smile. And, I am reminded just what is the true comfort of home.

“Okay,” I say panting, as I try to catch my breath. “One more time.”

This is the third post in a three-part series where STC team members share their Thanksgiving memories. Share your story at