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#TellYourStory2 | Telling Stories Unlocks a Bigger, Bolder Life

by Story2, on Aug 3, 2016 5:00:00 AM


Saying things out loud helps make them happen. This is especially true when planning for college. That’s why Story2 and Better Make Room are partnering as part of the Up Next initiative to unleash students’ stories about what they’ll do in college.

 We want everyone to have access to college and all its benefits. 10,000 students will receive free college essay mentoring with access to EssayBuilder™ to complete college admission and scholarship essays that tell your unique story!


We want students to advocate for themselves in college admissions. Personal stories, ones that reveal who they are and what they can give back to their communities, help colleges see what they can count on you for. Students, share your stories of why you are going to college and win EssayBuilder FREE today. And, text “COLLEGE” to 44044 to receive text messages to get important tasks done.

Tell My Story

Topics:High School and College


Where will your story take you?

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