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Supermoms, Give Your Child the Power of Their own Story

by Komel Caruso, on May 6, 2016 12:42:05 PM


  1. My daughter Sanaah began the high school admissions process last fall. She was applying to 3 high schools and had to write 18 essays.  She was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed.

Sanaah was crying at the kitchen table, looking at a blank computer screen and flipping through pieces of paper with writing prompts. “Mom, I can’t do this!” she said. She ran upstairs to her room.

I was working at Kaplan and knew what it was like to help students get into high school and college, but it was now my child - suddenly I  became a parent who did not know what to do or how to help.I was sitting at a table in a conference room at the Kaplan offices and met Carol, Story2 CEO.   At that time, I did not know that much about Story2 and did not remotely grasp the power of storytelling.  

“Sanaah is having a hard time writing her essays. She does not see herself as I see her - she can do anything she puts her mind to, she is thoughtful and smart, and determined. But, she looks at these essays and does not know how to start, or even what to talk about.”

Sanaah began working on her essays using Story2 EssayBuilder™ and she worked with Alexis, a coach that not only helped her find her story and voice, but made her see herself in a way that made her feel like she was accomplished, like she had so much to give.

That is how Story2 changed her life - not just the essays, but the impact that storytelling had on Sanaah.

Mothersdayemail.jpgShe saw herself in new ways, saw how much she had to offer and give back and that unleashed itself not only in her essays, but in her confidence.  Her essay about my father, her grandfather, is a story I will never forget. I saw my father through her eyes; I saw her curiosity and spirit in the way she described watching his tired hands perform surgery on an ailing, abandoned cat found on the side of the wet road.

I talked with Carol more about Story2 after that first meeting. I was inspired in a way that I had not been in many years. I had to be a part of Story2.  I had heard Story2 student stories and discovered the transformative power of storytelling - not just because they got into their top choice schools, but because they learned they were powerful and unstoppable, and--most important they learned how to use storytelling to advocate for themselves.