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Story2 Unveiled - Step 3: Map It

by Jocelyn Johnson, on Nov 14, 2014 2:19:00 PM

Giving your college admission essay direction and purpose will provide the structure necessary for keeping your reader’s attention.  Map It from Story2  shows students how to identify and organize the details, dialogue, and descriptions that will transport the reader from the beginning to the end of their story.

Whether you’ve just completed Tell It Out Loud or uploaded a draft directly to Story2, the next step is to Map It. The map consists of three critical sentences: Magnet, Pivot and Glow. Here’s how it works:

1.  Create a Magnet, the first sentence of your essay, which attracts readers to your story and makes them want to stick with it till the end. 


2.  Create a Pivot, a sudden turn in your essay in which you risk something, learn something, grow, change, or take action.


3.  Create a Glow, the last sentence, which leaves a lasting impression for the reader to remember long after they have finished reading your essay.


Use your actions to show who you are as a person and what admissions officers can count on you for.

What do all Oscar award-winning films have in common? They immediately capture their audience’s attention by beginning with an intriguing opening scene. They take the audience through a major climactic moment of transition. And, they end with something memorable.

With Map It, you can create the same emotional twists, turns, and connections that you love about your favorite movie in your college admission essay. Story2 teaches students how to engage admission officers from the first to the last sentences of their essay.

This is the third post in a four-part series exploring the features of Story2. Stay tuned for part four. Questions? Email us at or leave a comment below. Share your story at

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