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Story2, The Online Platform For College Application Essay Development, Drives 75% Essay Completion Rate

by Jocelyn Johnson, on Nov 12, 2014 1:19:00 PM


Story2 Now Publicly Available To All Students Applying For College


Story To College
, the company that brings the art and science of storytelling to students in the college application process, throughout college, and into the work world, announced today the conclusion of a pilot release of Story2, its online platform for storytelling and admissions essay completion.  During the pilot, 84 percent of students who registered to use the platform began developing essays by selecting something they want colleges to know about them. In addition, over 800 students used the tool to find a specific essay topic, which they went on to develop independently. Finally, using Story2, 75 percent of students went from telling a story to completing final draft essays for their college applications.

The toolkit was available to students from a range of schools, including several KIPP regions, District of Columbia Public Schools, and Townsend Harris High School in Queens, New York.  Now that the pilot has concluded, Story2 will be open to all students applying for colleges in this year’s application cycle.

Story2 makes proven tools and techniques from the proprietary Story To College Moments Method® available to students online and around the world.  Based on the neuroscience of storytelling, the Moments Method® is a strategy to create effective, authentic application essays that win admission and scholarships to selective colleges.  Story2 translates this strategy with dynamic games and activities, empowering students to find topics, record and transcribe stories, map, draft and revise, and ultimately complete their essays.  Story2 also connects students with trained admissions experts who review essays and provide written feedback.  Story To College developed Story2 as part of the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, powered by Techstars.  During this three-month intensive deep immersion program for education technology startups, the company built and tested Story2 with mentoring from a range of EdTech leaders, including Mark Freidberg, General Manager and Vice President, Kaplan K12 and College Prep.

fortheblog2“Our pilot showed us that students want to work on their essays on their own terms. They respond very successfully when they have tools that enable them to write their own story in their own authentic voice,” said Carol Barash, PhD, Founder and CEO of Story2.  “We’re very excited to open it up to the full cohort of all students applying to college this year.” Over eight million application and scholarship essays are written during each admissions cycle.

During the pilot, the majority of students completed essays using Story2 over a period of five days, with an estimated total time spent of four to eight hours.  The remainder of the over 1,600 students who registered to use Story2 during the pilot are still working through the steps of the toolkit toward a goal of completing essays.

In separate research, Story2 found that 99 percent of the 14,000 students who have used the Moments Method® in courses or online would recommend it to a friend.  Said one student, “Everyone should be given this opportunity because it took a huge weight off my shoulders.”


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