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#SocialStories: A Dia-blog

by Carol Barash, PhD, on Feb 23, 2015 3:19:00 PM


February 20, 2015: Getting Started

Alan:  The combination of storytelling techniques with social media’s publishing capabilities connects people with the issues that matter to them--online and off.

Carol and I were introduced through the Parents League of New York. A series of phone conversations led to IRL Starbucks meetings where the concept of #SocialStories was born.

At Starbucks, Carol and I shared stories about our lives and by way of that storytelling we realized we shared a similar vision, based in authenticity.

Two principles guide this discussion:

  • The most important story you will ever tell is your own.
  • Social media are where your audiences will find you and connect with you.

Authenticity will be the rule of #SocialStories so please join us and watch it unfold one post at a time. Welcome!

We want this conversation to be wide-ranging and unscripted, built over time and drawing in others’ voices. Most importantly, this conversation is open to the public and your participation is encouraged.

Click on “Subscribe via Email” below to see all the new comments and entries as they are posted. Ask questions, share your experiences and learn with us and we will learn from you.

Carol: @SocialAssurity started following me and favoriting me on Twitter. Eventually I checked out his Twitter feed and web site.

“Cool idea, look at this,” I turned to Jocelyn who runs @_Story_2 social media.

“Yeah, I think everyone needs that. It’s really easy to make missteps. Most millennials want to have a social media presence, but they’re clueless.”

When Alan and I met and started sharing stories, several connections stood out:

  • We had both left pretty safe day jobs to start companies with a social mission.
  • Our shared sense of purpose is around teaching: teaching students how to tell their stories in admissions and job search (Story2) and teaching students how to use social media to master their public persona through those same transitions (Social Assurity).
  • And we both think things through--solving problems and pushing ideas forward--through dialogue.

And so this dialogue blog (“diablog”) was born. Our goal is to give you the tools and confidence to participate in social media discussions--to add your voice to conversations that matter to you.

In SM time, 6 seconds is forever, the best ideas are vanishing as soon as they are public, and “blogging is the new resume” is already a cliche. But not engaging is not an option.

 #SocialStories is a dia-blog between Carol Barash, founder of Story2 and Alan Katzman, founder of Social Assurity.