What to Write for the Coalition Application Essay Prompts

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If you’re applying to college next year, now is the time to build your portfolio -- and your story. The focus of college admissions discussions is shifting towards building solid, strong people, and, slowly but

Coalition Application Collaboration Space: Everything you Need to Know

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As a college counselor, one of my favorite aspects of the Coalition Application is the Collaboration Space feature. Education is an inherently collaborative process and this is certainly true of the admissions

What to Hang in Your Coalition Application Locker

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Telah is busy with improv. It’s her passion. She started the Improv Club at Smithfield High School and travels to local shows with her troupe to perform. Recordings of the shows have been viewed a few thousand times

Finding Meaningful Moments for Coalition Application Essays

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It was 2 a.m. and I was sitting in my office laughing uncontrollably. No, there was no need to be concerned about my wellbeing. I was laughing because of the essay I was reading. As a freshly minted admissions

5 Tips For Writing About Thinking in Your College Essay

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I had been a college instructor for all of one week when a student turned in a paper copied straight off the internet. I still remember Googling her first sentence, late at night at my desk in my little grad-student