How to Write Your “Why This College” Supplement Essay

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For high school seniors, applying to college can feel like an entirely new experience. It requires students to think critically about who they are and where they’re headed, perhaps for the first time in their life.

Overcoming Adversity: Answering Greenlight Scholars Essay 4

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Discuss a situation in which you overcame an obstacle, setback or self-doubt. What enabled you to succeed, despite adversity? Students often start out a bit scared of this question. They ask, “If I really tell them

How to Support Students with the Early FAFSA

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I opened up the thick envelope and was immediately confused. There were lots of columns, numbers, and jargon I was not totally familiar with. I felt like I was reading something in a completely different language.

How You Learn: Answering Greenlight Scholars Essay 3

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People learn many different things in many different ways. Describe a project or opportunity--in school or out--that challenged you, revealed something new or where you experienced failure. Reflect on what you

Student Essay Example: Defining Moments for Wisdom

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Córdoba, Argentina This blog is part of a series featuring supplemental college admission essays written by Story2 students. This essay by Cecile, a student at USC, was chosen because of its effectiveness in focusing