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Open Letter: The Change to "Story2"

by Carol Barash, PhD, on Jan 15, 2015 11:46:00 AM

We’ve been announcing that Story To College is changing our name to Story2--and moving from to I wanted to share the story behind this change.

This summer during the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, Powered by TechStars many people said things like, “What you are doing is really so much bigger than helping people get into college. You need a different name.” Story2 reflects our mission of unlocking human transformation through online storytelling, tools, and community. We’re continuing what we have been doing since 2011--teaching students from all backgrounds and around the world how to tell their authentic stories in college admissions and scholarship essays--by building a diverse online community of storytellers and storytelling resources not just for college admissions, but for all of life's high-stakes moments.  

We have guided 15,000 students through the college admissions process. Now they are moving forward to other life transitions--seeking graduate school, scholarships, internships, and jobs to make a difference in the world. College students often ask me, “How can I use the Moments Method(R) to reach these new goals?” So we’re responding to our community by expanding our focus.

College admissions is still the core of what we do! Our new online platform--built and launched this summer through TechStars--teaches students around the world not only how to gain selective college admissions and scholarships, but how to put their biggest, boldest dreams authentically into the world. You can learn more about our unique approach to college admissions in the Services section of our website.

Now that we’re Story2, we look at getting in and getting money for college as the first step on your own journey of achievement and growth. We inspire people to tell their stories to achieve personal and professional goals, and to unlock lives of meaning and possibility.

If you’re already part of our community, thank you for helping us get to this moment. I invite you to join us as we commit to this new direction to serve many more people through a commitment to online tools and community. And if you’re new to Story2, come add your story to our shared future.

Share, grow, and write life better with us. 


Yours in storytelling,

Carol Barash, PhD

Founder and CEO



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