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How You Learn: Answering Greenlight Scholars Essay 3

by Story2, on Oct 13, 2016 3:11:44 PM


People learn many different things in many different ways. Describe a project or opportunity--in school or out--that challenged you, revealed something new or where you experienced failure. Reflect on what you learned, how you learned and how that learning influences your plans for college and the future.

This essay is an opportunity to explore how you work and learn. It’s a chance to reveal how you start with a goal, break it down into smaller parts, and take action to complete the larger project.  

What type of project should you write about? It doesn’t need to be one you were assigned in school or one you worked on alone. Some of the most memorable projects take place outside the classroom, and often are completed working with other people. But it should be something that mattered, something you worked on over an extended period of time. 

Reflect on the project, step by step. Were there particularly challenging parts? Moments when you were confused, or were called on to think out of the box or learn something new? You don’t need to go over every step of the project; instead, focus on those that were particularly challenging, or required you to rethink your approach or assumptions. Were there skills you learned, or anything about yourself, other than what was in the project itself?

Now take a step back and reflect on the project as a whole. When the project was completed, did you walk away with key takeaways that you have applied to other projects? How have these takeaways influenced your decision to apply to college or to pursue a certain major or career focus? How did the project challenge you to rethink your past or future?

Getting into college is only the beginning of a long journey of challenging projects. Colleges are looking for students who will go the distance, from admission to graduation, and into the world. This essay is one opportunity to show how you will go about that journey. What about how you work and learn do you want to want colleges to know? Share that story.  

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