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How to Celebrate "National Tell A Story Day" All Year Long

by Story2, on Apr 28, 2016 2:56:04 PM

  1. Each year on April 27 we celebrate National Tell A Story Day by, well, sharing stories of course. But as believers in the transformational power of collective storytelling, we support the move to celebrate Tell A Story Day everyday of the year. This is because the best stories are ones that live on. They live on to inspire others to take action, to find hope and to discover the inspiration to tell more stories.

So here’s to starting the after party! To continue the momentum of National Tell A Story Day we’re sharing a few tried and true strategies based from our award-winning online EssayBuilder™ platform that has helped over 25,000 students complete breakthrough admission and scholarship essays. Put these three tips in your back pocket for storytelling all year long. 

1. Pick a Moment & Share the Challenge

The most powerful stories focus on specific people in a specific time and place. While sharing this moment identify a challenge that you faced. This isn’t always a misfortune, this can be an opportunity too. Share what about challenge makes it unique to you and what was so challenging about it.

2. Share the Choice

With your moment, describe what action you took or choice you decided to make in the face of that challenge. Share where you drew the emotional courage to make that decision. Where did you find your hope? Inspiration? Motivation? The choice you describe should reflect how you, your opinions, perspectives and understandings have changed.

3. Identify the Outcome

Stories that inspire, the ones that really drive an audience to action, do so because they connect with your audience’s own memories. These stories are the ones that connect with universal emotions and experiences, like overcoming hardship, being courageous, compassionate and curious. Share the lesson learned, what you want the choice you made to teach others, how it made you feel and how the outcome of your decision changed you. If you reflect and identify the results of the outcome around larger common experiences, your audience will experience your story through their own memories. 

We invite you to share your story out loud using EssayBuilder™ for students and to learn more about how EssayBuilder™ Plus for Schools and Access Organizations is dramatically expanding college access and success for all students.

So, go forth, be bold, take chances and tell your story.