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Eight Brain Hacks for Job Seekers

by Story2, on May 16, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Storytelling is one of our most important ways to connect via shared experiences as human beings. Its power is connected to the way the brain works. So-called "mirror neurons" cause the same parts of the brain to activate in two people. When you perform an action, even simply speaking about it, the same parts of the brain activate in someone who watches that action or even hears about it. Mirror neurons underlie the phenomenon of empathy.

Take these eight brain hacks with you into any job interview.

They will help you advocate for yourself, connect with interviewers, and make a difference in the decisions that company interviewers make about you.

Time and again, Story2 has taught these hacks and helped people unlock new opportunities by using them.

8 Brain Hacks