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Coalition Application Collaboration Space: Everything you Need to Know

by Will Geiger, on Sep 19, 2016 4:59:16 PM


As a college counselor, one of my favorite aspects of the Coalition Application is the Collaboration Space feature. Education is an inherently collaborative process and this is certainly true of the admissions process. The fact that the Coalition Application realized this and made collaboration a central component to their platform is fantastic.

Before we dive into how you can best use the Collaboration Space, let’s go over some of the nuts and bolts of this tool (for a more detailed overview of the Coalition Application, you can check out our guide).

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The Collaboration Space is linked to the Locker portion of the application. The Locker is the part of the application where students (starting from ninth grade on) can add and organize materials. It is a private space that can only be accessed by the student and can be especially useful in the admissions process for saving research on colleges, storing essays, and collecting other thoughts and projects in a central space.

To use the Collaboration Space, students first must invite an advisor to the space. This adviser will be able to provide commentary and feedback on selected items in their Locker. Remember, you don’t have to use the Locker, but it can be a useful repository for anything that might be important for the admissions process.

So the big question for most students is who exactly to invite as their advisor?

The advisor can be almost anyone who is helping you with your applications. This might be your school college counselor, a teacher, a coach, or even a parent or other relative. So once you have something (such as an essay) that you would like to receive feedback on, you will have to invite your advisor to the Collaboration Space. Before you send your counselor or mentor the electronic invite, you should probably talk to them and ask if they are willing to help. If they give you the thumbs up, then you can go ahead and send them the invite.

This all makes sense, right? Now, let’s talk about the best ways to use the Collaboration Space and Locker:

  • If you are a rising senior who is gearing up for the admissions process, the Locker provides an effective solution to staying organized. As you will see, the admissions process has a lot of moving parts and the Locker provides a secure, central location for all of your application materials.
  • If you are an freshman, sophomore, or junior, the Locker can be a great place to store pieces of writing that you may be particularly proud of. Perhaps one of these essays will eventually turn into an admission essay (or at least give you some ideas when you get to that point).
  • The Collaboration Space allows students to get feedback and comments on your admissions essays. You can go back and forth with your advisor as your refine and polish your essay drafts. As with any piece of writing, it is useful to get someone else’s perspective on the writing for both content and technical issues.
  • As far as the admissions process, the other area where the Collaboration Space can be extremely helpful is for getting feedback on your resume. Not all colleges will require (or ask for) a resume, but getting another perspective is helpful.
  • One of the most important parts of the admissions process is creating a college list. I recommend creating a document for your list and putting it in your Locker. If you invite your advisor to collaborate on it, they can share their thoughts and perhaps give you suggestions of other colleges to think about.
  • When you are communicating with your advisor through the Collaboration Space, you should try to be as specific as possible with your questions and requests. If your Coalition advisor is a teacher or guidance counselor, know that they probably have many other students that they are working with, so this will really help them out during admissions season!
  • Remember, all of the information in the Locker and Collaboration Space is private and accessible by only you and an invited advisor. This means that you can use this space to be creative and play around with different ideas! None of the materials will be sent to the colleges unless you want them to be sent.

Ready to begin on the Coalition Application? Here’s our Guide to the Coalition Application to get you started.

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