Why Storytelling?

Memories are activated
Emotions come alive
You want to take Action
The same thing happens in the person who hears your story, accelerating authentic work and learning.
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Why Story2?



We've created the simplest storytelling toolkit on the planet.



Storytelling empowers you to inspire others through your strengths, experience and vision.



Replace flawed, formulaic writing with communication rooted in joy, discovery and tens of thousands of years of humans of connecting across linguistic, geographic and cultural boundaries.

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Where are you going next?

High School, College, or Graduate School... EssayBuilder® helps you:

  • Write compelling admission and scholarship essays
  • Prep for interviews
  • Learn core skills to improve college and career readiness

First job, better job, new job... HirePower™ helps you:

  • Reveal your unique Skills, Experience and Temperament in emails and interviews
  • Amp up your resume and cover letters with specific details
  • Reveal your sense of purpose

Leading + succeeding at work… WorkWrite™ helps you:

  • Master 21st-century speaking, writing + collaboration skills
  • Create compelling emails
  • Practice + hone your pitch
  • Complete proposals + reports
  • Build sales skills + relationships
  • Communicate in cross-functional teams
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How We Help

Storytelling Toolkit

Master 5 tools you can use, again and again to communicate powerfully and succinctly


Targeted micro-learning to power through admissions essays, job interviews or your next big project pitch


Personalized feedback and coaching to accelerate + customize learning to complete your urgent tasks

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Contact getstarted@story2.com today to learn more about how we help schools, businesses and individuals master the neuroscience of optimal communication.