How to Tell Your Best Stories in a Resume


The summer before my senior year of college, I helped edit a paper phone book. My supervisor Mike, a technical writer, worked on the design and content strategy. I proofread and checked numbers, dialing phone numbers

How You Learn: Answering Greenlight Scholars Essay 3

career High School and College

People learn many different things in many different ways. Describe a project or opportunity--in school or out--that challenged you, revealed something new or where you experienced failure. Reflect on what you

Journeys, Learnings, Translations: From EdTech Startups to Students


Storytelling, Writing and Self-Advocacy: How to Shift the Way We Teach Writing


The way writing is traditionally taught is fundamentally flawed. The five-paragraph essay formula bears little relation to the types of writing required in adult life. Think about it. Does the five-paragraph format

How Storytelling can Build a Bridge to Your Future


I grew up believing in the power of a great story—I was the child who refused to go to bed without a book and later became a person who is infatuated with the idea that we all have something to say. Nevertheless, as a